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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – Pictures

Ribbon cutting ceremony for our new home on June 15th, at 273 East Main St in Denville, NJ. A day that is enshrined in our hearts forever! Here are some pictures from the wonderful day!                               

Criminal Justice Reform event with Senator Cory Booker

Senator Cory Booker, keynote speaker, with Lorna Tangara, MCAC Executive Director, at the Criminal Justice Reform forum at the Christ Church in East Orange, NJ.  Senator Cory Booker, in partnership with The Coalition of Religious Leaders hosted the forum at the Christ Church in East Orange focusing on criminal justice, mass incarceration, race, faith, and the…


“Make the choice to save your own life.”

-M.S (MCAC Client)


Success Stories


Hello, my name is M.S. and I am a professor at a local college and a large state university. I have Bachelor of Arts degrees with High Honors in English and Political Science from a large state university. I have a Master of Arts degree in Literature from a more prestigious private university where I am “All But Dissertation” (basically I have to finish my dissertation) on a Ph.D. If you were to look at my life, on paper, and you were asked to put in it one of two piles — the “addict” pile, or the “normal” pile — you, probably without a second thought, would put it right in to the “normal” pile.

…and you would be wrong.



anthony_s_350I have spent countless nights trying to figure a way I can scam enough money for my next high. With no thought of my family, friends, possessions or honesty my addiction took over my life. As I sat in a train overpass, freezing, looking around after losing my home, my kids and my will to live I knew I had to get help or die. After numerous failures to get clean, I was about to give up.

I gave one last attempt at life and called MCAC methadone clinic. My counselor was non judging and showed nothing but concern and faith in me which is something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I now live a clean, healthy life with m family. I am gaining my friends, possessions and trust back day by day.

My advice to anyone who is an addict is Don’t Give Up. It takes no time at all to destroy your life with drugs. But the joy I have is knowing everyday I wake up is another day clean. There is help out there for us, All of us.

– Anthony S.

Anthony S.